Safe Deposit of Human and Animal Cell Lines

Cell lines remain the property of the depositor, and will neither be given or sold to third parties, nor cited in the DSMZ Catalogue of Human and Animal Cell Lines.

  • Please note that the DSMZ accepts only organisms up to laboratory containment level L2. The DSMZ has the legal authorization to store genetically manipulated organisms up to level S2 (according to the German "Gentechnikgesetz").
  • DSMZ Accession Form for Safe Deposit Human and Animal Cell Lines should be completed prior to consignment. Each cell line will receive an internal DSMZ accession number.
  • Only plastic ampoules (e.g. 2 ml cryotubes) should be sent, together with sufficient dry ice. Please notify us before you dispatch the cell lines in order to clarify all issues.
  • Fees for Safe Deposit (see Price List) are payable annually in advance as from the date of deposit. Under no circumstances will the DSMZ accept responsibilities for losses, deterioration or alteration of material or resulting damage (see General Terms and Conditions). While deposits may be cancelled at any time, cancellations must be given in writing and are not subject to refund for the remainder of the year.
  • Viability testing is not performed on cultures held by the DSMZ for "safe deposit".

Important note: Rules concerning import of biological material


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