Cell lines and DNA can be ordered using either the Online Shop or by purchase order via mail or e-mail.

The Online Shop requires a registration prior to the first order. Subsequent orders require a login only. However, if your company has never before ordered from the DSMZ your initial order must be transmitted to us manually via fax, mail or e-mail. Then, you are free to register on the website. Please do not duplicate your order: place an order only by our online shop, or only by e-mail, or only by postal mail.
We encourage every scientist to use the direct ordering via our Online Shop.

Important notes:

  1. The cell lines of our cell culture collection are for research purposes only and shall not be passed on to third parties. Cell lines and their products shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes or utilized in any other type of commercial activity.
  2. Recipients will have to confirm (also on behalf of their institutions) that they are end users of materials supplied by DSMZ.
  3. Appropriate reference shall be made in any ensuing publication(s), crediting the work of the original investigator(s) which established the cell line(s) and the DSMZ as supplier. No alteration may be made to the DSMZ titles or acronyms.
  4. It is understood that neither the DSMZ nor the depositor of the cells accept any liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, handling, storage or use of the cell line(s).
  5. Recipients accept (also on behalf of host institutions) all conditions of ordering, delivery and payment of the DSMZ.
  6. Placing an order always implies acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Kind of Shipment

Cell cultures are distributed either frozen in plastic ampoules on dry ice ("frozen cultures") or as active, growing cell populations in flasks or tubes ("growing cultures"). Due to the additional labor involved, the price for growing cultures is substantially higher than frozen cultures. While we normally recommend ordering frozen cultures, to certain destinations we can send growing cultures only, and to other destinations frozen cultures only.


Material is shipped by a courier of our choice and in accordance with CPT (Incoterms 2020). Shipments are dispatched early in the week (usually on Mondays or Tuesdays; Germany: Wednesdays) to ensure arrival before the following weekend. Order processing for destinations outside Germany may incur a delay of several weeks for which we request your patience. Recipients are informed immediately prior to shipment.

Your contact partner at the sales department

Replacement Policy

Please immediately notify the DSMZ in the event of cultures arriving in a non-viable condition, at best with photos for documentation. We will follow up the complaint and may consider sending a replacement. We also provide advice per e-mail or telephone should cells fail to grow satisfactorily. Cultures lost due to inappropriate culture conditions or negligence will not be replaced.

Please contact our customer support