Furnishing of Samples

Distribution of cultures deposited under the Budapest Treaty will be carried out strictly as outlined in Rule 11 of the regulations of the Treaty.

Samples can be furnished
11.1: To interested industrial property offices
When? At any time on request to the DSMZ (E-Mail)

11.2: To the depositor or with the authorisation of the depositor to third parties
When? At any time on request to the DSMZ (E-Mail)

11.3: To parties legally entitled
A) By confirmation of the request by the responsible patent office
B) In respect of patents granted and published by any industrial property office

Please find more information on the "Furnishing of Samples" in Section C and Section E (requirements of individual countries) of the "Guide to the Deposit of Microorganisms under the Budapest Treaty" of the WIPO.

Please note: The depositor receives a notification from the DSMZ about every release of a sample of a deposited culture.
Regardless of the patent regulations these restrictions might apply.

Prices for furnishing