DSMZ Colloquium

The colloquium takes place at 3 p.m. at the Leibniz Institute DSMZ (room D.16).

next talks by
23.05.24 - Dr. Sonja Eberth, DSMZ - "Cell Lines as Models for Cancer: Molecular Insights into the DSMZ Breast Cancer Panel"
30.05.24 - Aparna Sekar, Singleron Biotechnologies
06.06.24 - Dr. Mathieu Groussin & Mathilde Poyet, Uni Kiel
13.06.24 - Dr. Andrea Molt, BASF
20.06.24 - Dr. Isabel Schober, DSMZ
27.06.24 - Dr. Heike Freese, DSMZ
summer break

If you would like to receive information on upcoming talks, please send an email to seminar(at)