Mycoplasma Elimination Service

We offer the eradication of mycoplasmas from cell cultures as a service. Cell cultures are treated with different antibiotics of three types in three parallel approaches. The whole procedure takes at least four to six weeks, including a pre-treatment period (after thawing for mycoplasma detection assays), treatment of the cells for one to three weeks, depending on the antibiotic used, and a post-treatment period for at least two weeks. 
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Subsequently, the cell cultures are retested for mycoplasma contamination, expanded and finally the mycoplasma-negative cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen. The customer receives five frozen ampoules of each cured cell line as a master stock. We retain one ampoule stored in liquid nitrogen for six months to be able to recheck the cells in the event of any mycoplasma recurrence in customer cell cultures, after which cells are discarded. More information on mycoplasma elimination can be found in the mycoplasma section of our FAQ site.

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