Cell Bank Deposit

The DSMZ encourages scientists to deposit their cell lines with the DSMZ Human and Animal Cell Lines Bank. The only precondition is that cell lines should have been described in a peer-reviewed publication. Deposition is free of charge. Intending depositors please use the DSMZ Accession Form.
Please note that in the case of human cell lines only those obtained with informed patient consent may be accepted by the DSMZ cell lines bank. For animal cell lines ethical procedures should be consistent with Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

Distribution of cell lines by the DSMZ is restricted to non-commercial use for research purposes only.

Prior to release for distribution by the DSMZ, cell lines undergo rigorous identity and quality controls, notably authentication by DNA profiling, and mycoplasma detection/elimination. Human cell lines are subjected to additional immunological, cytogenetic and molecular biological characterization. Only after successful completion of these tests, may cell lines be expanded for separate storage of seeding and distribution stocks stored at -196 °C in liquid nitrogen tanks.

The availability of each new cell line is announced on the DSMZ website which also summarizes pertinent cell line data, both published and based on tests performed at the DSMZ. Cell lines are made available to the scientific community subject to conditions laid out in the Material Transfer Agreement which must be completed at the time of ordering.

For animal cell lines, please review your legal situation with regards to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol before beginning the deposit process.

Important note: rules concerning import of biological material.


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