Hinterlegung von Typstämmen

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1.1.1 General
"It is a requirement of IJSEM and the ICSP that authors of new names and new combinations provide evidence that types are deposited in two recognized culture collections in two different countries (i.e. documents certifying deposition and availability of type strains). Papers will not be accepted until such documentation has been received by the Editor."

"3.1.1 Type strains
All type strains must be indicated at each occurrence in the text, tables and figures by a superscript capital T (e.g. ATCC 13546T =IJSM 0819T). The Code requires the designation of a type strain for a new species and recommends the deposition of a culture, the type strain. Type strains must be deposited in at least two or more public culture collections from two or more countries and accession numbers must be provided. An extensive listing of culture collections is available online at www.bacterio.net/collections.html.

3.1.2 Patent strains
Authors must inform the Editors, and must indicate in the paper, whenever strains under study are involved in a patent process. Strains other than the type strain should carry the superscript 'PP' if a patent is pending and 'P' if a patent has been issued for a type or any other strain. The description of a new species cannot be published while a patent is pending upon the intended type strain because that strain would not be available for study. In this circumstance, authors are to wait until the patent is issued."

weitere Literatur:

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International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, Information for Authors