Questions and answers (Phages)

  • Can phage suspensions be stored in the refrigerator?

    Most phages store well in the refrigerator unfrozen for some weeks or longer but DSMZ generally recommends immediate use, see Terms and Conditions. Do not freeze phages without adding a cryoprotectant, e. g. 10% glycerol.

  • What is the difference between dried bacterial strains and filter-dried phages?

    Bacterial cell suspensions are dried together with a protectant and a pellet forms that can be rehydratedfor initial revitalisation, phages are dried as suspensions on filter paper stripsand require their host strain for initial propagation, please see instructions given here.

  • What do phages always need for adsorption to the host bacterium?

    Addition of 1-5 mM MgSO4 and/or CaCl2 is maybe recommended for some phages. Avoid fast shaking or strong agitation of phages in liquids. Leaving phage and host for 5-10 minutes after infection without any agitation enhances adsorption.