Safety Information

In accordance with German legislation (Biostoffverordnung), the DSMZ performes a biological risk assessment for every cell line. Uninfected cell lines are generally allocated to Risk Group 1 (RG 1). Only virally/microbially infected cell lines are deemed potential hazards and may be graded Biosafety Level (German: Schutzstufe) 2 or higher. Some other DSMZ cell lines are genetically modified organisms (GVO/GMO) and graded to Risk Level 1 (S1) or higher.

Cell lines allocated to RG 1/2 or S1/2 are indicated as such on their respective cell line data sheets (lane: Biosafety level) as well as on the delivery note accompanying each shipment. Special permissions could be requested by the DSMZ from the end user of such cell lines. We hold and distribute biological material up to level 2 only and we reserve the right to deny shipment of S2 cell lines to certain destinations.

Persons working with such cell lines and their employers are required to familiarize themselves with the national regulations and safety precautions. The DSMZ biosafety classification does not provide any exemption from this responsibility. Shipments of cell lines are sent out on the strict understanding that neither the DSMZ nor the depositor of the cells accepts any liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, handling, or consequences of using cell line(s).