Services Plant Viruses

Plant Virus Diagnosis

For numerous viruses and viroids, we have established methods for use in virus diagnosis.These include both molecular (RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR) and serological methods (ELISA). Specific as well as group specific tests can be applied. Please contact us regarding your particular requirements so that we can find the best solution for your type of samples.

Plant Virus Disease Clinic

It is often not possible to determine in advance for which viruses individual samples have to be tested for. This may be due to the fact that the usual viruses could already be excluded, but there are still clear signs of a virus infection. In such cases our disease clinic is the ideal solution. The samples will be analysed by various approaches. This includes e.g. transmission experiments to different indicator species, broad methods like the analysis of viral dsRNA for RNA viruses, rolling circle amplification (RCA) for DNA viruses combined with different molecular and serological techniques which will finally lead to the identification of the viruses involved.

Plant Virus Resistance Screening

Based on our available broad spectrum of different virus isolates and our expertise in virus transmission, we can offer the service of plant virus resistance screening. Different inoculation techniques are available, ranging from e.g. mechanical inoculation, insect vector mediated transmission and infiltration or biolistics of infectious full-length clones. In addition, specific inoculation protocols can be developed on request.

Consultancy and Training

A key criterion for the successful control of viral diseases is knowledge of the biology of the species in question. This allows efficient measures to be derived to prevent the introduction and spread of virus diseases in the crop. We are happy to advise you on possible measures.
For scientists interested in basic or specific techniques in plant virology we can offer tailor-made trainings in our laboratories and greenhouses. These may cover e.g. serological or molecular detection techniques or transmission procedures with and without the use of insect vectors.

Other services

Additional services can also be offered on request. This includes the specific production of certain virus preparations (fresh, freeze-dried), sample sets of particular virus groups for proficiency testing or the establishment of diagnostic protocols and indexing routines.