Services Plant Viruses

High-Throughput Sequencing and bioinformatics

We offer High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) and bioinformatics analyses to discover new viruses, and reveal the composition and genetic variability of virus populations in environmental samples. From nucleic acid extraction to sequencing on Illumina platforms and data analyses, our comprehensive workflow leads to virus identification and reconstruction of viral genomes. It enables the early identification of (emerging) infectious diseases caused by viruses and other pathogens and advances our understanding of virus diversity, ecology and evolution.
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Proficiency Tests

Proficiency Tests for interlaboratory comparison are essential for laboratory testing and a requirement for the accreditation process. In general, for interlaboratory comparison, plant samples are distributed to participants for concurrent testing and validation.
DSMZ as an international reference center for plant viruses has the technical competence on the plant viruses and the diagnostic tests to be performed and acts as co-organizer with national and international partners to conduct proficiency tests. Test samples may consist of fresh or freeze dried leaf materials and/or nucleic acid extracts for all molecular, serological or biological assays.

Virus indexing

Indexing plant materials for virus freedom is one of our key competencies for which we provide an adequate infrastructure (quarantine glasshouse) for transit quarantine and the most advanced technologies. High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) is the ideal approach and a workflow comprising growing-on tests and HTS is followed to certify freedom of plant pathogens, support the international movement of germplasm and certify nuclear stocks and breeding materials.

Consultancy and Training

Our consultancy on training in diagnostic methods, plant health and disease intervention is to enable scientists,
technicians and practitioners in the laboratory and field.