Animal cell lines are used in the production of approved biopharmaceuticals and as well as in scientific research for a better understanding in areas of developmental biology, protein expression, and genetic evolution. In recent years there is growing importance of animal cultures as models of human diseases providing taxonomic equivalents resembling human physiology.

Interspecies cross-contamination

Reasons for an unsuccessful translation between species (mouse/human) or for irreproducibility of data from studies based on animal cell lines are numerous, though use of false animal cell lines due to insufficient verification of species-specific models is a contributing factor.

DNA Barcoding

Verification of animal species should rely on rapid and accurate identification of animal cell lines. Isolation of mitochondrial DNA, PCR amplification of Cytochrome C Oxidase I (COI), direct amplicon sequencing and DNA sequence comparison (DNA barcoding) has become a reliable and rapid method to provide species identification even when only small parts of organisms are available. DNA barcodes are now available for numerous taxa, including all species of insects, fish, amphibia, birds and mammals.

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