Human and Animal Cell Lines

Research - Human and Animal Cell Lines

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Laura Steenpa├č

To address the diverse requirements of the cell lines regarding characterization, application and collection, scientists of the Department of Human and Animal Cell Lines specialize on a range of topics. Their research interests focus on various aspects of cell culture technology and carcinogenesis and the use of cell lines as model systems for various neoplastic entities and genetic diseases. 

Guide to Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Lines

This completely revised compendium now covers 637 human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines (including myeloma cell lines) and is a searchable PDF file on CD. This guide represents a scientific book and is not a catalogue or a cell lines list. The CD is only available from the author Prof. Dr. Hans G. Drexler, former head of the Department of Human and Animal Cell Lines. Requests for a copy (free of charge) of this CD should be addressed to this E-Mail. An example portrays the Hodgkin lymphoma cell line U-H01.