Note on obligations under the Nagoya Protocol


Dear depositor,

In connection with your deposit, we would like to draw your attention to your obligation under the Nagoya Protocol.

This is an international treaty that has been ratified in many countries of the world.

If you collected the microorganism in a member country at a time when the Protocol was already in force, you may have had to apply to the local authority for permits to use the resource. These are often called PIC, MTA or MAT.

In this case it is necessary that these documents are also passed on to subsequent users. If your resource is transferred, we will inform you of this transfer. Please make sure that the documents are delivered to the user as soon as possible.

Another possibility is that you deposit the documents at the DSMZ together with the strain and that we take care of the transfer of the strain and the documents at the same time. If you prefer this procedure, please contact us (patentdeposit(at)


An overview of the member countries of the Nagoya Protocol and the effective date can be found here.

Information about the Nagoya Protocol can be found here: