Checklist for the Depositor

  1. Inform the DSMZ about the deposit to be expected.
  2. Fill-in the on-line deposit form and send the pdf to DSMZ.
  3. On request, provide missing information to the DSMZ.
  4. Prepare the biological material in the form and amount requested by the DSMZ.
  5. Package the biological material safely and forward both this and the completed accession form (signed original) to the DSMZ in good time before the patent application.
  6. Assignment of DSMZ accession number after a positive viability and purity testing at the DSMZ.
  7. You will receive the respective deposition statements (to be handed to the patent ofice during application).
  8. Depositor Check: Check the material preserved by the DSMZ for identity (when requested).
  9. Inform the DSMZ about the results of your identity check.

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