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Phenotypic characterization of yeasts

Because identification using morphological characters alone was frequently criticized among mycologists, we do not recommend using this approach alone for isolates with unknown identity.
Physiological tests are commonly used to identify yeast fungi (e.g. Kurtzman et al. 2011). Despite advances in molecular identification techniques, physiological tests are still useful to characterize some food-borne and spoiling yeasts (e.g. Fleet 2011). We do not recommend using these tests alone for identification of isolates with unknown identity.
DSMZ offers identification of assimilation profiles of carbon and nitrogen sources, and maximum growth temperatures. Commercial test systems like the API gallery or the BIOLOG system but also traditional individual tests with auxanographic method can be used to determine growth responses.

The price for these services depends on time and effort needed for each individual strain and will be provided upon request. 

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PD Dr. Christiane Baschien

Group leader

Dr. Andrey Yurkov

Group leader