Prokaryotic phenotypic data

The Bacterial Metadatabase BacDive is the worldwide largest database for standardized bacterial phenotypic information. BacDive offers data on over 80,000 bacterial and archaeal strains, including 13,498 type strains and thereby covers approx. 90% of the described diversity. Phenotypic data is mobilized from collections (e.g. CABI, CCUG, CIP, DSMZ) and enriched with data from so far over 5,000 species descriptions from literature. Within over 600 data fields covering the topics taxonomy, morphology, physiology, origin, molecular data and cultivation conditions the database offers systematic access to over 900,000 data points. Thereby BacDive enables queries like “show me all strains that grow under certain conditions” by using the Advanced search or queries like “show me all strains isolated from a marine environment” by using the Isolation source search. With currently 9,225 API® tests for 5,320 strains, BacDive also offers the worldwide largest API® test collection, which can be queried using the API test finder tool