Genomic, taxonomic and nomenclatural data for genome-based taxonomy

The Type (Strain) Genome Server (TYGS), released in 2019, is a user-friendly high-throughput web server for genome-based prokaryotic taxonomy, connected to a large, continuously growing database of genomic, taxonomic and nomenclatural information. Nomenclatural types form the backbone of prokaryotic systematics, and comparisons with established types of species and subspecies are mandatory when classifying novel strains. However, even if a type (strain) genome sequence is publicly available, it might be difficult to verify its origin, especially in a complex situation of different synonyms and strain deposits. Here, the TYGS database fills a gap by providing currently more than 9000 type (strain) genomes and associated data as the basis for its downstream bioinformatic analyses including state-of-the-art approaches for genome-based phylogenetic inference and(sub-)species delineation.