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Fungal Genomic DNA

A PCR-grade DNA extracted from cultures of filamentous and yeast fungi can be ordered. For some of our cultures DNA is already available and for others it can be provided on request. Delivery time of DNA produced on request varies on the strain. It takes us usually 4-6 weeks to produce and quality check a product but it may take longer if fungal culture is slow-growing.

We provide 20-25 µl of PCR-grade DNA with an approximate concentration up to
10 ng/µl. If you need a higher DNA concentration, please contact us.
We do not provide DNA for whole-genome sequencing. We do not test DNA performance in qPCR applications. Concentration of provided DNAs is routinely measured in an agarose gel and quality and purity is additionally controlled with PCR (ribosomal and/or protein-coding genes) and sequencing. Measurements obtained with Qubit or Nanodrop are not provided with fungal DNAs from the DNA-Bank.

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PD Dr. Christiane Baschien

Group leader

Dr. Andrey Yurkov

Group leader