Biological Material Accepted as Patent Deposit

The DSMZ accepts biological material for deposit which belongs to risk group 1 or 2 according to EEC Directive 2000/54/EC on the Protection of Workers from Risks Related to Exposure to Biological Agents at Work or, in case of genetically engineered material, safety level S1 or S2 or class 1 or 2, respectively according to the German Law Regulating Genetic Engineering or the EEC Council Directive 2009/41/EC on the contained use of genetically modified microorganisms.

In any case it must be possible to store the biological material to be deposited by freeze-drying and/or storage in liquid nitrogen.

Archaea, Bacteria dried or frozen material (glycerol stocks) or actively growing cultures: two separate preparations; requirement for anaerobes: active culture as two or more preparations with a minimum total volume of 5 ml
Fungi, Yeasts actively growing cultures: two separate preparations
Plasmid DNA isolated DNA preparations in a minimum quantity of 2 x 20 µg
Bacteriophages minimum quantities of 2 x 5 ml with a minimal titre of 1 x 10 9 pfu per ml
Plant Viruses dried or frozen material along with the host's seeds (minimum 1 g of leaf material or infectious plant sap)
Human and Animal Cell Lines frozen on dry ice in a quantity of 12 cryoampoules (all prepared at the same time)
containing 5 x 10 6 cells per ampoule (suspension culture) and 2 x 10 6 cells per ampoule (adherent cells).
Plant Cell Lines cultures in the form of undifferentiated plant cell cultures, embryogenic plant cell cultures and tissues, or as in-vitro shoot cultures; at least 25 frozen ampoules