How to order services?

We offer a wide range of microbiological and analytical services. Some of the analyses require a pure culture of the microorganism. Please supply the biological material as requested for each individual method.

Please use our order form to provide us with the required information about your biological material and your customer information, including VAT number. Advance notice for delivery of biological material is requested. Please send the order form together with the biological material to allow optimal processing of your material.

For packaging and mailing please consider the postal regulations and/or contact an experienced courier and pay attention to the transport requirements.

DSMZ services are performed on a confidential basis. Upon completion of identification, the original culture and all subcultures will be destroyed within a reasonable period of time. Exceptions will be made only with your written permission. Please supply the material as requested for each individual method. Please provide us with all information available on cultivation of your strain on the order form.

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Learn more about the conditions for our services for bacteria, yeast and fungi and the safety issues that have to be considered.

A complete price list for offered services can be downloaded.