Please direct all enquiries regarding the ordering of plant viruses exclusively to plantvirus(at)

ELISA sets

  • contain IgG and conjugate (IgG-AP) for DAS-ELISA
  • contain IgG, Mab and RAM-AP for TAS-ELISA
  • are optimized and provided for a test volume of 200µl

and are supplied as 100 test units (smallest unit) up to >1000 test units.

ELISA controls

Plant virus materials for use as positive/negative controls in ELISA consist of freeze-dried homogenates of virus infected or healthy plants and are to be reconstituted in buffer prior to use. In some cases, desiccated leaf material may be provided as ELISA controls.

  • Dissolve controls consisting of freeze dried plant homogenate in 2ml sample extraction buffer.
  • Controls consisting of freeze dried leaf material have to be homogenized in sample extraction buffer (1:50 weight/volume) prior to use.


Virus Inoculum

Consists of lyophilized infected plant material for mechanically transmissible viruses and is intended to be used for the preparation of working reference samples. The minimum amount of sample intake is equivalent to the material delivered. No guarantee for a successful inoculation can be given when using only a part of the material delivered. The inoculation protocol can be found on the Certificate of Analysis.

As virus inoculum of not mechanically transmissible viruses (e.g. the poleroviruses PLRV or CABYV), living plant material in form of cuttings is provided, which need to be rooted or grafted on appropriate plants.

Nucleic acid extracts

Nucleic acid extracts (RNA or DNA, depending on nature of virus genome) are available on request for all our virus isolates, but cannot be ordered via webshop!

Please order via email : plantvirus(at)

Supplied material: Sodium-acetate/ethanol precipitated nucleic acid.



Shipping conditions and stability

The material is shipped at ambient temperature without cooling!

Our reagents (antisera) are chemically stabilzed to prevent degradation and microbial growth. Controls and inocula are freeze dried and sealed under vaccuum. Both guarantees that they are stable over a long period, even if shipped without cooling. We frequently asses the long (batches stored for 5-10 years with cooling) and short term (artificial incubation for 3 weeks at 37°C) stability for selected batches to demonstrate and check this, also as a requirement from our accreditation/quality management.

Plant viruses and antisera may be ordered using our Online Shop (preferred method) or by fax or email using the order form. Order forms MUST be signed and any orders submitted without the form or signature will not be processed. (If your institution requires its own ordering format for administrative reasons, please submit this page of our order form with accompanying signature.)

All items up to a value of € 300 are shipped, unless otherwise advised by the customer, via air mail. Please note that we will not have any proof of delivery for air mail supplies, that they are not tracked and might take several weeks. Shipment by courier services (fast, tracked) are charged to the customer.


  • All products are for in vitro use only. They are not to be used for human or animal applications. The customer is solely responsible for determining the suitability of the goods for the purpose which they intend to use them.

  • Positive controls in ELISA may vary in OD values according to plant virus species and strains, and plant tissue used.

  • ELISA reagents have a guaranteed minimum shelf life of 12 months from date of delivery when stored according to the specifications. No further warranties are given. If you have any questions about specification or performance of our tests, please send your inquiries to our customer support.

  • Virus inocula viability can be affected, e.g. during transport. Replacement cultures will be supplied if the DSMZ is informed within two months after receipt of the material.

  • There may be restrictions or prohibitions of import of certain antibodies, conjugates, positive controls, virus inocula and other reagents into certain countries. For more information click here.