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First orders

In case your company / institution has never before ordered from the DSMZ, your first order cannot be processed online via the WebShop but requires you to order via fax or letter on a regular company letter of your company. Alternatively you can send your first order via pdf attached to an email to Sales for microorganisms, MuTZ for cell lines or Plantvirus for plantviruses (including antisera). Please use a scanned and signed regular business letter of your company.

Registration procedure

Registration is not required for visiting our catalogues. All information can
be accessed without limitation for all visitors of our website.

Registration is limited to existing customers of DSMZ only. Please register only if you are already a customer of DSMZ and if you already have ordered biologcial material
at DSMZ. Second and all further orders can then be placed via our webshop.
Due to the implementation of our new webshop, we kindly ask our existing customers to re-register here.