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Safe Deposit of MicroorganismsSicherheitshinterlegung von Mikroorganismen

Safe Deposit of Microorganisms

The DSMZ offers a special service for the long-term preservation of microorganisms where the distribution of the strains is restricted at the discretion of the depositor. Microorganisms for safe deposit may be sent to and stored with the DSMZ, but they will remain the property of the depositor.

In case of any questions, please contact:

Phone: + 49 (0) 531 26 16 - 254
E-mail: safedeposit@dsmz.de


The appropriate form to be used for safe deposits can be filled in on the screen, printed out, signed and sent to the DSMZ together with the strain. Providing of the form beforehand as pdf file is welcomed.


Safe deposit form for Microorganisms

669 KB

For further questions contact

       Dr. Felizitas Bajerski
       Phone: +49-531-2616-254
       Fax: +49-531-2616-418
       E-mail: Felizitas.Bajerski@dsmz.de

       Dr. Kathrin Felsch
       Phone: +49-531-2616-171
       Fax: +49-531-2616-418
       E-mail: Kathrin.Felsch@dsmz.de