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Human and Animal Cell LinesMenschliche und Tierische Zelllinien

Research - Human and Animal Cell Lines

To address the diverse requirements of the cell lines regarding characterization, application and collection, scientists of the Department of Human and Animal Cell Lines specialize on a range of topics. Their research interests focus on various aspects of cell culture technology and carcinogenesis and the use of cell lines as model systems for various neoplastic entities. The team leaders and their collection related and basic research interests are detailed on the projects page.

A number of publications have emerged from our experiences collecting cell cultures, e.g. prevalence, detection and prevention of microbiological and cross contaminations of cell cultures, and from research exploiting a comprehensive cell lines resource. These are listed on the publications page, while a collection of all publications of the DSMZ may be found on the publications sub-page of the research page.

Besides peer-reviewed articles we have published a compendium of leukemia and lymphona cell lines described in the literature. Published data were abstracted by Prof. Dr. Hans G. Drexler and augmented with the unpublished findings of DSMZ scientists. The latest digital version is available on CD from the head of the department. Information on the "Guide to Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Lines" can be found on the respective sub-page.