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Catalogue MicroorganismsKatalog Mikroorganismen

Catalogue of microorganisms

The search offers you access to our complete catalogue of DSMZ microorganisms. If you wish to browse through bacterial genus and species names by alphabetical order please be referred to this search option .

All deliveries to People's Republic of China and Republic of China will be carried out only against provision of an Entry Inspection Certificate issued by the local authorities and sent to DSMZ prior to sending the goods.

For all deliveries to the USA DSMZ will provide a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) form, mostly a negative declaration, which need to be authorized by the recipient. We kindly ask all customers from the USA and Canada to return authorization at once as it is needed prior to sending the goods.

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Retrieved name DSM-No. Name Type strain Other designations Buy
'Gottschalkia' methylica DSM-21470 'Gottschalkia' methylica Type Strain
21 Lindberg DSM-21515 Type Strain
7 Lindberg DSM-21514 Type Strain
Abiotrophia defectiva DSM-9849 Abiotrophia defectiva Type Strain ATCC 49176, CIP 103242
Absidia coerulea DSM-1143 Absidia coerulea Type Strain ATCC 8990
Absidia coerulea DSM-3018 Absidia coerulea Type Strain ATCC 10738a, CBS 104.08, NRRL 1315
Absidia corymbifera DSM-1144 Absidia corymbifera Type Strain CBS 100.55
Absidia glauca DSM-63295 Absidia glauca Type Strain
Absidia glauca DSM-63296 Absidia glauca Type Strain
Absidia glauca DSM-811 Absidia glauca Type Strain ATCC 20093
Absidia pseudocylindrospora DSM-2254 Absidia pseudocylindrospora Type Strain ATCC 24169, CBS 100.62, NRRL 2770
Absidia repens DSM-812 Absidia repens Type Strain ATCC 14849, NRRL 1336
Absidia spinosa DSM-3192 Absidia spinosa Type Strain
Abyssicoccus albus DSM-29158 Abyssicoccus albus Type Strain CCTCC AB 2014213
Abyssivirga alkaniphila DSM-29592 Abyssivirga alkaniphila Type Strain JCM 30920
Acanthopleuribacter pedis DSM-28897 Acanthopleuribacter pedis Type Strain KCTC 12899, NBRC 101209
Acaricomes phytoseiuli DSM-14247 Acaricomes phytoseiuli Type Strain CCUG 49701, NBRC 107788
Acetatifactor muris DSM-23669 Acetatifactor muris Type Strain ATCC BAA-2170
Acetitomaculum ruminis DSM-5522 Acetitomaculum ruminis Type Strain ATCC 43876
Acetivibrio ethanolgignens DSM-3005 Acetivibrio ethanolgignens Type Strain ATCC 33324
Acetoanaerobium pronyense DSM-27512 Acetoanaerobium pronyense Type Strain JCM 19400
Acetoanaerobium sticklandii DSM-519 Acetoanaerobium sticklandii Type Strain ATCC 12662, CCUG 9281, JCM 1433, NCIMB 10654
Acetobacter aceti DSM-2002 Acetobacter aceti Type Strain NCIB 8554
Acetobacter aceti DSM-3508 Acetobacter aceti Type Strain ATCC 15973, NCIB 8621
Acetobacter cerevisiae DSM-14362 Acetobacter cerevisiae Type Strain ATCC 23765, LMG 1625, NCIMB 8894
Acetobacter cerevisiae DSM-2324 Acetobacter cerevisiae Type Strain ATCC 6438, LMG 1592, NCIB 2224, NRRL B-468
Acetobacter cibinongensis DSM-15549 Acetobacter cibinongensis Type Strain IFO 16605, JCM 11196, NBRC 16605, NRIC 0482
Acetobacter estunensis DSM-4493 Acetobacter estunensis Type Strain ATCC 23753, CCUG 18130, IAM 14359, LMG 1626, NCIMB 8935
Acetobacter fabarum DSM-19596 Acetobacter fabarum Type Strain LMG 24244
Acetobacter ghanensis DSM-18895 Acetobacter ghanensis Type Strain LMG 23848
Acetobacter indonesiensis DSM-15552 Acetobacter indonesiensis Type Strain IFO 16471, JCM 10948, NBRC 16471, NRIC 0313
Acetobacter indonesiensis DSM-3805 Acetobacter indonesiensis Type Strain NCIB 7215 (historical number)
Acetobacter lambici DSM-27328 Acetobacter lambici Type Strain LMG 27439
Acetobacter lovaniensis DSM-4491 Acetobacter lovaniensis Type Strain ATCC 12875, CCUG 18127, IMET 10734, JCM 17121, LMD 31.2, LMG 1579, LMG 1617, NCIMB 8620
Acetobacter malorum DSM-14337 Acetobacter malorum Type Strain CIP 108768, LMG 1746
Acetobacter musti DSM-23824 Acetobacter musti Type Strain CECT 7722
Acetobacter nitrogenifigens DSM-23921 Acetobacter nitrogenifigens Type Strain LMG 23498, MTCC 6912, RG1
Acetobacter oeni DSM-17891 Acetobacter oeni Type Strain CECT 5830, LMG 21952
Acetobacter oeni DSM-23926 Acetobacter oeni Type Strain CECT 5830, LMG 21952
Acetobacter orientalis DSM-15550 Acetobacter orientalis Type Strain , IFO 16606, JCM 1195, NBRC 16606, NRIC 0481
Acetobacter orleanensis DSM-4492 Acetobacter orleanensis Type Strain ATCC 12876, CCUG 18126, IMET 10752, LMD 31.3, LMG 1282, LMG 1583, NCIMB 8622, PDDCC 8809
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-2006 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 838, IAM 14432, NCIB 8087
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-2347 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 12874, NCIB 8618
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-25273 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-3509 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 33445, LMD 22.1
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-46617 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 23762, ATCC 7839, CCM 2374, IAM 1825, IFO 3191, IMET 10599, NBRC 3191, NCIB 7214, NCIB 8148, NCTC 7214, NRRL B-65
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-46618 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 9433, CCM 1774, IFO 3189, IMET 10600, NBRC 3189, NCIB 8089, NRRL B-147
Acetobacter pasteurianus DSM-46619 Acetobacter pasteurianus Type Strain ATCC 6439, CCM 1771, IFO 3222, IMET 10602, Lock 83, NBRC 3222, NCIB 3924, NCTC 3924
Acetobacter pomorum DSM-11825 Acetobacter pomorum Type Strain
Acetobacter senegalensis DSM-18889 Acetobacter senegalensis Type Strain LMG 23690

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