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The search offers you access to our complete catalogue of DSMZ open collection of microorganisms. Please note that not all bioresources stored at the DSMZ are available from the open collection.

Notes on delivery to China and USA

All deliveries to People's Republic of China and Republic of China will be carried out only against provision of an Entry Inspection Certificate issued by the local authorities and sent to DSMZ prior to sending the goods. 
For deliveries to China UN 3373 Biological Substance Category B actually is prohibited for all FedEx Express and regular postal services. Thus DSMZ temporarily cannot accept orders containing risk group 2 microorganisms with a delivery address in China. We kindly ask for your understanding. 

For all deliveries to the USA DSMZ will provide a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) form, mostly a negative declaration, which need to be authorized by the recipient. We kindly ask all customers from the USA and Canada to return authorization at once as it is needed prior to sending the goods.