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Ordering of microorganisms

Strain cultures and DNA may be ordered using our Online Shop (preferred method) or by fax or email using the Order form. Order forms MUST be signed and any orders submitted without the form or signature will not be processed. (If your institution requires its own ordering format for administrative reasons, please submit the second page of our order form with accompanying signature.)

You have to register prior to your first online order. Subsequent orders require a login only. However, if your company has ordered from the DSMZ never before the order must be placed by letter mail or fax or scan, using your official business paper.

You are invited to browse our online catalogue in order to find the DSM number and the taxonomic name of the strain(s) you wish to order. Preferentially, add your choice(s) to the shopping cart.

Click here to download the order form/Material Transfer Agreement.


Important notes:

  • All cultivation requirements, possible international and German biosecurity and biosafety restrictions as well as the prices of the strains are given in our catalogue for each strain specifically. Make sure that you have the appropriate permits and equipment to cultivate the strain(s).
  • Check whether an import permit is necessary and if so please provide it with your order (compulsory for deliveries to People's Republic of China and Republic of China, see Entry Inspection Certificate).
    The customer is required to inform himself of the respective import provisions and laws determined by his country.  The DSMZ assumes no liability for legal violations or breaches of duty by the customer.
  • Microorganisms supplied are for in vitro use only.
  • It is the responsibility of all recipients of cultures to ensure that the use of the organisms complies with the general requirements of the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Placing an order implies acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Use of the products is restricted to the facility of the customer. Commercial distribution of DSMZ samples or their parts or offsprings to third parties requires the previous written consent of DSMZ.
  • Pay only AFTER you received an invoice, indicating the invoice number.
    Payment via credit card is welcome.


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For questions concerning DSMZ microorganisms in regards to purchase order processing please contact

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