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Actinoplanes nipponensis Wink et al. 2014
DSM No.:
43867, Type strain dsm-43867 dsm43867 dsm 43867 Actinoplanes nipponensis
Strain designation:
FD 24834, FH 2241, KY 11349
Other collection no.
or WDCM no.:
ATCC 31145, IFO 14063 (historical number), JCM 3264, KCTC 9594, NBRC 14063
Isolated from:
Date of sampling:
before 16.04.1992
Nagoya Protocol Restrictions:
There are NO known Nagoya Protocol restrictions for this strain.
<- ATCC <- Chas. Pfizer Inc., FD 24834
Genbank accession numbers:
16S rRNA gene: AB047498
Cultivation conditions:
Medium 65 , 28°C

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Summary and
additional information:
<- ATCC <- Chas. Pfizer Inc., FD 24834. Soil; Japan. Type strain. Taxonomy/description (19136, 19477). Sequence accession no. 16S rRNA gene: AB047498 (19136). In the species description (Int J Syst Evol Microbiol (2014), 64, p. 605), the strain is erroneously cited as NBRC 12512 which is the type strain of Actinoplanes digitatis (Couch 1963) Stackebrandt and Kroppenstedt 1988. Produces antibiotic 41012 (U.S. Pat. 4,001,397). (Medium 65, 28°C).
For detailed information:
BacDive - The Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase
19136, 19477
Risk group:
1 (classification according to German TRBA)
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