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Identification of bacteria

The identification of prokaryotes plays a central role in various microbiological fields ranging from medical bacteriology to environmental studies. Staff members of the DSMZ are experts in in the modern polyphasic approach to identification, applying state-of-the-art technologies for a reliable diagnosis of unknown organisms for the benefits of internal quality control and assessment of novelty. 

The identification of bacterial strains is an individual work for each incoming strain. Generally it involves besides a basic characterization the use of partial sequence analysis of the 16S rDNA, the analysis of the cellular fatty acids and differentiating individual penotypic tests. If necessary commercial test systems like the API gallery are involved. 

The basic requirement to start the identification work is a pure culture of the organism under investigation. If there is any doubt on the purity, we have to check the culture by isolation and verifying the different isolates with adequate methods.

The price for these services depends on time and effort needed for each individual strain and will be provided upon request.

Required material: Customers will need to provide a living culture. 

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